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As you can see, Harry Connick Jr. is a big fan.

Did you see the special guest featured on Harry Connick Jr.’s show? No, we’re not talking about actors Taye Diggs from Empire or Skylar Astin from Graves. We’re talking about our very own SōLEURS sunglasses! As you can see, Harry Connick Jr. is a big fan.

Danny Seo was on the show sharing the hottest gifts of the season with the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, which featured SōLEURS sunglasses, the perfect holiday gift. Finally, as a surprise gift, every lucky audience member received a pair of SōLEURS sunglasses!

We weren’t all lucky enough to be at the Harry show, but we couldn’t let Harry have all the fun. So, to help spread the holiday cheer, we’re giving away a FREE pair of SōLEURS sunglasses. How can you win? Check out our Facebook page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/soleurs/videos/1138656992908694/

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