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Driving without polarized sunglasses

Thanks for watching our video on driving without polarized sunglasses, apart of our video series, SōLEURS Conversations.

To find out more about why polarized sunglasses are so important for reducing glare whilst driving, be sure to read our article Glaringly Obvious.

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Driving without polarized sunglasses. Video Transcript.

One of the things that is critical when you are driving is that you are assaulted all the time by UVA/UVB, which are damaging to your eyes. Having polarization, high quality popularization, you are able to protect your eyes from glare.

Glare is a profound problem. With glare, you may actually experience some level of partial or even entire blindness for a short period of time. You can be partially or fully blinded for between 3 and 6 seconds. Now, if you are travelling at 60 kilometres per hour and you work out the meterage that you are travelling, which is something in the vicinity of between 80 and 100 metres, then you say “how many other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists etc can I hit in that time?”

Popularization will change all of that because it reduces the glare, in fact virtually eliminates it if they are really high quality sunglasses.