Meet Nathan the Founder of SōLEURS

Having introduced to you the working mums behind the SōLEURS brand in our Mother’s Day article, we thought it was about time that Nathan, our Founder also got a look in.

Here Nathan gives us the load down on what inspires our designs, which country inspires design and his favourite pair of SōLEURS sunglasses.

What inspires your designs?

We believe a great pair of sunglasses is the perfect blend of practicality and artfulness. But which takes precedence – design or function?

At SōLEURS, we think protection of your eyes should come first. We therefore think a great design is the result of an object’s exemplary function.

brunswick russet sunglasses during photo shoot mornington australia
Todd wearing Brunswick Russet

We’ve fastidiously crafted our first sunglasses collection to feature a contemporary design aesthetic with a range of styles to suit every face shape and characteristic. We’ve used premium materials and skilled craftsmanship to focus on discreet, simple, classic and elegant frames that provide the ultimate in eye protection, too. Even our bespoke sunglass cases are designed for style and clever, functional convenience.

Best of all, our sunglasses are crafted and honed by people with the same values and principles as those that buy them.

Which is your favourite country to travel to for design inspirations? Why?

couple wearing soleurs sunglasses during photo shoot mornington australia
Jessica wearing Nambucca Surf and Todd wearing Burke Gunmetal

Japan and Italy are our favourite countries for design inspiration. But for discreet elegance and carefully considered simplicity, Japan would have to win out.  Indeed, a traditional Japanese aesthetic informs our brand. This includes:

  • Elimination of clutter. We always champion clarity over unnecessary decoration by omitting or excluding the non-essential.
  • Understated beauty. We want to be direct and simple, not flashy. ‘Elegant simplicity, articulate brevity’ is a mainstay of our brand.
  • We don’t like pretense or artificiality and believe full creative intent should be unforced.
  • “Wa.” According to traditional Japanese principles, wa is fundamental to all good design. It signifies harmony, peace and balance.
  • “Ma.” An empty void, interval of space or time. Ma isn’t an empty background space – rather it blends with wa to create energy or a sense of movement within a design.
  • Appreciating the beauty in what is implied, unstated or unexpressed. Simply put, less is more.

Which is your favourite pair of sunglasses and why?

alice galaxy sunglasses during photo shoot mornington australia
Melbourne’s own Fashion Blogger Jessica Alizzi wearing Alice Galaxy

I don’t have a single “favourite pair” but I do greatly admire our “ALICE Topaz” (for women). It features a simple, elegant design enhanced by a solid, substantial build and a superb quality Zyl (cellulose acetate) frame. It’s also extremely lightweight, flexible and strong, so it’s made to last.

The frame is comfortable to wear for long periods and its brown tinted, internally polarised CR39, grade 3 lenses protect you from 100% UVA and UVB rays. They remove most glare while maintaining superior optical clarity and providing impressive colour consistency. Plus they’re scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant and give you fatigue-free vision for longer. What’s not to love?