Top-Quality Sunglasses Parts

SōLEURS sources its frame wire, hinges, screws and other frame parts from some of the world’s undisputed leaders of optical components, including those in Germany, Japan and China.

Sunglasses Hinges

We use some of the best hinges available, made of high-grade stainless steel or protectively coated coated nickel silver to ensure that your sunglasses provide a great fit and long lasting durability.

Barrel Hinge:

The barrel is the most common type of SōLEURS hinge. The barrel hinge is designed with interlocking pieces on the inside of the frame. They are held together with a very small screw. One barrel half is mounted in the frame front, the other barrel half is mounted in the temple piece, a screw secures the two halves of the hinge barrel together.

Three-Barrel Hinge:

five barrel sunglass hingeIt is the most common type of hinge used by SōLEURS. Although a number of frames have five barrel hinges when itis necessary, to ensure that structural soundness is safeguarded.

Interlocking Hinge:

sunglass interlocking hingeInterlocking hinges are similar to barrel hinges, however, these are molded directly into the frame.

Spring Hinges:

sunglass spring hingeAs the name indicates, these incorporate a spring. These hinges are able to flex slightly beyond a fully open position and spring back. Spring hinges help maintain the shape of the frame over time, while offering a comfortable and customised fit.

Stop Hinges:

sunglass stop hingeUsually Barrel Hinges with a smooth-functioning closure that allows your sunglasses to close flat yet stop the temple tip from striking the inside of your lens.

Comfort Nose Pads

Crafted from high grade, hypoallergenic PVC, SōLEURS nose pads are non-slip and offer a natural comfort even when exposed to perspiration.

For more information about the quality of our sunglasses, please read our pages about sunglass lenses and sunglass frames.