SōLEURS Lenses

Within our sun eyewear collection you will find premium quality sunglass styles suitable for almost any pursuit where first-class polarised lenses are quintessential. All this, with exceptional affordability.

Our CR39 polarized lenses

CR39 stands for Columbia Resin batch 39, originally manufactured by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass company, the in Columbia, USA. this is made up of hard cast resin (CR). More >

Our polycarbonate polarized lenses

Polycarbonate is similar to CR39 materials. The difference is the molecular structure of the lenses which contributes to an even more impact resistant material. More >

Our polarization

Polarized glare is caused by light waves vibrating horizontally. SōLEURS polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Because a polarized lens contains vertical strips, it can act as a filter. More >

Our polarized lens tints

Colours are applied to SōLEURS sunglass lenses to help absorb light as it passes through them. The colour that you choose, is often a matter of personal taste, but there are a few important colour-related benefits to consider. More

SōLEURS Frames

We invest in the finest materials, well-founded technology and the art of experienced craftsmen. The result is elegant frames characterised by timeless sustainability. We skip marketing gimmicks to focus on quality and attention to detail.

Our cellulose acetate frames

Cellulose Acetate is lightweight, durable, flexibe, yet strong, as well as being a hypoallergenic material that can be made into a breathtaking array of colours, patterns and transparencies. More >

Our TR90 frames

Our TR90 frames are very lightweight, extremely flexible, yet ultra strong, with 100% memory, enabling them to bounce back to their original shape after bending. More >

Our metal frames

We use stainless steel for our metal sunglass frames, providing resistance to corrosion, abrasion and heat. Beautifully lustrous, lightweight and having low toxicity, while possessing great strength. More >

Hinges and other components

SōLEURS use a range of hinges, selecting the most appropriate hinge to enable the best ergonomics for each frame. We use some of the best hinges available, made of high-grade stainless steel providing a great fit and long lasting durability.

Our Sunglasses Parts

We believe in sourcing our frame wire, hinges, screws and other frame parts from some of the world’s undisputed leaders of optical components. More >