As a grassroots Australian sun eyewear creator and retailer with a global ethical agenda, quality is our first priority. With the harsh Australian sun, we can’t afford to mess around with inferior sunglasses. That’s why we specialise in outstanding eye protection backed by remarkable style and substance.

We’re passionate about our sunglasses. We’re upfront about our processes. And this is our story.


In today’s fast-paced world of mass-marketing and ever-changing digital trends, we believe the brands that stand out are those that have the human touch, a conscience and a little bit of soul.

Nathan Orbach Founder SoLEURS
Nathan Orbach

Our founder, Nathan Orbach, is fascinated by the delicate balance between science and art/design that produces great eyewear. He believes a great pair of sunglasses is an exemplary blend of practicality and artfulness.

In 2010, Nathan took a trip through Asia and Europe to celebrate the completion of his 30 year medical career. He saw first-hand the enormous disparity between the prices paid for designer sunglasses and their humble origins and it piqued his interest in the eyewear industry.

High price tags, he realised, don’t often correlate with eyewear quality, protective or otherwise. Nathan spent the next two years scouring many of the world’s sun eyewear markets, uncovering the underlying truths of the global sunglasses market.


Nathan became inspired to create sunglasses that were accessible, with a focus on superior quality, craftsmanship, protection and elegant, simple design forms.

He envisaged superior-calibre sunglasses designed, produced and distributed at a very competitive, low cost. To that end, he assembled a small, skilled and passionate team, based in Melbourne, Australia and SōLEURS began.

After more than 2 years of research, planning and good old-fashioned hard work, we proudly unveiled our first sunglasses collection.

We sourced great designers, materials and high-end manufacturers to create a line of extremely well-crafted sunglasses, at an exceptional price point. Boasting some of the best lenses, filters and frame components, we’ve fastidiously crafted our collection with an inspired aesthetic that personifies contemporary style and the best features for every face.

SōLEURS sunglasses are classic, bold and on-trend. They’re made from premium materials with guaranteed longevity. Best of all, they’re crafted and honed by humans who have the same values and principles you do.

Discover what we stand for.