Along the way, seven major SōLEURS principles were born:

  1. We determined to create the most competitive, appealingly priced ‘high-end’ sunglasses on the market;
  2. We conclude that our premium sunglasses must always be fastidiously crafted using high-end materials and feature classic, elegant designs;
  3. We’ll disseminate candid, transparent information about our sunglasses, materials and manufacture;
  4. We’ll remain proactively independent, unconstrained by the large corporate distribution politics that so often makes eyewear so expensive;
  5. Our customers deserve the greatest entitlements in exchange for their trust in us;
  6. Our simple, unified supply chain must cut out the middlemen, meaning no more multiple markups for our customers;
  7. Make our upper limit no limit, but humility must remain our cornerstone, so that we are always conscious of who we are and what we stand for.

We like to think we see things more clearly. That’s why we value:

  • DESIGN over designers
  • ELEGANCE over affluence
  • HONESTY over artifice
  • PROTECTION over pretension.

Every pair of SōLEURS sunglasses begins life on our design table and takes a cross-continental journey all the way to your place. We’ll cover the costs, you enjoy the view.


As a global brand, we know we have a social responsibility when it comes to our manufacturing process.

Our products are made in Guangdong province, China. We deliberated for quite some time before selecting this high-end manufacturer for its expertise, commitment to equitable pay for employees, ethically sourced materials and approved working conditions. Our offshore representative visits regularly to confirm that these standards are consistently maintained.

We’re confident that you’ll really love your SōLEURS sunglasses.