We’re concerned about the important things. We produce high-calibre lenses with internally polarized filters, made from either high-end CR39 or polycarbonate. Both are configured for scratch-resistance, which means our lenses boast the highest UV protection for your eyes – 100% against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Our original, high-end frames are made from specially selected, hand-finished acetates, TR90 and selected, high grade stainless steel. SōLEURS’ bespoke sunglass cases are also carefully designed for style, clever practicality and convenience.

We create exceptional sunglasses that:

  • Provides 100% protection against the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Has the highest calibre protective polarized filters
  • Decreases reflective glare
  • Enhances colour saturation and contrast
  • Improves visual clarity and comfort
  • Reduces long-term eye fatigue.

SōLEURS sunglasses:

  • Are classic stylish designs
  • Are comfortable to wear for longer periods
  • Improve depth of vision in high light conditions
  • Minimise visual distortion in bright light conditions

SōLEURS premium sunglasses are among the most irresistibly priced on the market. Our prices stay low because we remove the litany of middle men and mark-ups that bloat the price. We skip the ‘designer’ branding ethos and focus on quality materials, effective manufacturing processes and working with like-minded, high quality retailers.

All our sunglasses come with a 12-month warranty, free shipping, if you purchase via our website and a 60-day free return policy. …No questions asked.

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We ship free to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA (soon to become globally).